Family First Publishing announces the publication of Give Back My Son – a parent’s gripping first-hand account of his child custody case in California. Click on the book cover to read more about the book. Available as a softbound hard copy or e-book.

From the back cover:

"This is the chronicle of one parent’s attempt to obtain fair opportunity for parenting and a meaningful amount of time with his son. A father takes you through the heart-wrenching human and economic costs of divorce and child custody as he investigates policies and practices that shape and are influenced by family law. This hard-hitting book will inform, fascinate and shock with wry commentary as the author take an in-depth and sometimes searing look at problems that can arise from our legal, political and social traditions."
Give Back My Son
Besides the author’s personal story, this book covers and critiques many issues and elements of family law: family courts and the troubles with bureaucratic institutions; the lack of quality control in family law; so-called watchdog agencies; the diversity and inconsistency of court rulings in family law; family law judges and attorneys; the best interests of the child and other legal parameters; marriage and divorce; child custody, child custody evaluations and child custody decisions; the misuse of science and the prevalence of pseudo-science in the courtroom; move-aways and child visitation; parental alienation; issues related to custodial and non-custodial parents; the parenting roles of fathers and mothers; gender stereotyping, gender favoritism and gender prejudice; the value of shared parenting and why it lacks support in some quarters; issues related to child support; child protective services; abuse accusations, and manufactured accusations in divorce proceedings.
The book is available from this web site or from Amazon as a hard copy, soft-bound book and/or e-book.